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The Department of Media and Public Relations was established by a decision of the Vice Chancellor of the University since 1997, beginning with an office following the office of the Vice chancellor, and was developed in 2010 to the Department of Public Information and Public Relations, which serves its pioneering role towards the University and the internal and external community. In the service of the community and build a positive image of the University and clarify the importance and objectives of the Department of Media and Public Relations through the role of forming the media role and good reputation among various categories of dealers, on the basis of facts and honest information

The Department of Media and Public Relations seeks the highest degree of excellence and professional quality in the fields of communication and information and its sustainability. It contributes to the development of all aspects of society and the preservation of intellectual and civilization heritage. It is committed to the spiritual, moral and professional values of development, and separates the knowledge in various fields of art and sciences and to develop an advanced between local and international Universities.

The Media and Public Relations Department seeks to build bridges of cooperation which contribute to the mission of the university and its objectives. It is one of the activities necessary to consolidate the positive concepts of the university and create a distinguished image of its scientific and research activities, highlighting the university’s mission and excellence in all media, communication, Excellent and recent and building a good idea to acquiring about University .

Means the translation of the strategic vision and the direction chosen by the Media and Public Relations Department itself to target results and performance determinants and represents an institutional and administrative commitment to achieve specific results within a specific time frame. It also focuses attention and effort on what needs to be accomplished. Following:
Gain p public trust in the administration, its goals and achievements.
Achievement of specialized media and public relations work at the university.
Keeping up with the media and public relations of technical progress.
To contribute to raising the interest of the academic and technical media.
Open prospects for cooperation with similar departments inside and outside the university.
Finding sources of funding by opening horizons for investment in the field of information work within the university.
The national contribution to instilling a sense of confidence in the Sudanese human being by defining its scientists and distinguishing them from their counterparts in the rest of the world.
Defining the role of the university and its academic and research mission in the service of society and citizens.
To provide the university departments and colleges with the needs of the internal and external community in order to build a positive image of the university to the society.
To clarify the importance and objectives of public relations through the formation of good reputation of the establishment and mental image excellent for them in various segments of society dealing with them on the basis of facts and truthful information.
Strategic Objective: –

To enable the university to achieve its overall objectives of opening up to society and serving its issues from the philosophy of Al-Jazeera University.

*Tasks and Terms of Reference:

Implement the strategy, policies and guidance of the Information Council of Al-Jazeera University.
Develop plans and programs aimed at strengthening the relationship between the university and state institutions and society within and outside the state and the homeland in a way that achieves the vision of the university and its mission.
To activate and follow up media relations with newspapers, state, international and national media, organize meetings of journalists and media professionals, arrange conferences, forums, and traditional and electronic press forums.
Participate in the development of the plans and programs of the university administration.
Working to consolidate social relations within the university, which helps to create a favorable atmosphere for work within the university.
To strengthen social communication and raise the value of work within the university and raise the morale of the members of the university’s family in all its categories through entertainment programs, advocacy societies and cultural and tacit activities in coordination with the relevant bodies inside and outside the university.
Monitor and document the scientific, academic and social life of the university.

Preparing the budget of the administration to the extent that it accommodates its responsibilities and submit them to the concerned bodies within the university.

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Media and Public Relations Department
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1) Media Unit

Media Unit Activities:

1- Issuing Gezira Newspaper to introduce the university and all its activities.
2- Edit university pages in car newspapers.
3- Feeding the university’s website and websites of colleges, centers, institutes, departments and other websites with information materials.
4- The media constantly informs the news and activities of the university.

5- Work on allocating information windows to the university in various state and national media to reflect the activities of the university.
6- To publish a periodic version to reflect and document what is going on in the university at all levels.
7- Organizing information and press conferences as necessary.
8- Monitor and analyze what is published about the university in particular and higher education in general and analyze it and submit it to senior management of the university through institutional channels.
9- Paying attention to students’ activities and connections in a way that strengthens and strengthens the social fabric within the university and 9-10- promotes freedom of responsibility in expression.
Media communication between the university and its counterparts inside and outside Sudan.
11- Feeding the university’s office in Khartoum with daily news to facilitate linking the university with national machineries.
12- Establishing an electronic database through a network linking all departments of the university.
13- Supervising the media aspect in the public programs.
14- Preparing and broadcasting programs of the Sudanese governmental and private satellite channels and audiovisual broadcasts about the university and its achievements and activities.
The Information Unit includes:

The technical section: It means the filming and documentation of all the activities of the university and the work of documentary films and photo gallery on the activities of the university and the organization of videos with explanatory puzzles, as well as computer discs and archiving as electronic archives and paper archives.

Press Monitoring Unit: Its role is to follow up the media, such as television, radio, newspapers and the Internet, to monitor the news about the university, to inform its senior management and to provide advice on the matter, and to monitor announcements in the press, radio or television about conferences or seminars And to enlighten the relevant colleges, departments or departments to participate in the advertised activity and collect the information in the form of news clippings relating to the University of Gezira or higher education, which are cut from the newspapers and sent to senior departments on a daily basis and those related to The subject.
(2) public relations unit

Activities of the Unit:

1.Organize the University’s participation in national and national events.
2. Establishing permanent exhibition of the university and exhibitions of colleges.
3. Preparation of seminars, conferences and meetings inside and outside the university in conjunction with the organizing body.
4. Providing gifts from the university’s shield and the like to honor distinguished leaderships.
5.Attendance of the committees that are held monthly under the chairmanship of the university director and provide the services required and hospitality.
6. To strengthen relations between the university and other Universities and local and foreign scientific and cultural bodies by all possible means.
7. Issuing a telephone directory and addresses of university leaders and faculty members.
8.Publishing and publishing the advertisements issued by the University through the appropriate means.
9. Advertising of university programs in association, graduate studies, counseling, training, community service through appropriate means.
10. Issuing periodicals, publications, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, and preparing evidence about the university and its various faculties and units.
11.Attend, register, and distribute the lectures invited by the Rector.
12. Making albums for the pictures of the activities of the university and giving them to the participants and those related to these activities.
13. Emotional participation in all national, local and religious events and sending cards of congratulations and condolences.
14.Advocating and supervising seminars, conferences and meetings.
15- Receiving suggestions and complaints of employees and their inquiries and proposing what is necessary and what is necessary to avoid the causes.
16.Review the follow-up of university letters in ministries and government departments to complete the official work of the university and renew the licenses and annual contributions for the activities of the university.
The PR unit includes:

Advertising Agency: The idea of advertising agency for the purpose of designing and implementing media publications of high quality and reasonable prices and specifications required for each of the university faculties and faculties, which publishes the university’s ads through various media channels and the implementation of the flags of Sudan and flags bearing the university logo and applications and (sets ) The university and pens and (relations) and sessions of cups bearing the name and logo of the university. The Agency has succeeded in implementing the agenda of the University’s Calendar for the year 2015 and implementing a number of media publications for the meeting of the University Council and many submissions to the Sudanese-Turkish Universities Forum and the implementation of the Abu Haraz Campus. The Agency plays its leading role in advertising in national newspapers, satellite channels and local and national radio stations.
Moving exhibition:

The exhibition is one of the most successful means to promote and offers a good opportunity to put other promotional methods into practice through direct and different contacts conducted by the participant with the target audience and participating in exhibitions through the exhibition. The exhibition offers the opportunity to promote the university and its various colleges and research institutes. The University Exhibition is:

1- Pop-Up Gallery (4×3) contains vision, mission and goals.
2- Alstand Roll Ab, which consists of four references as follows: –

A / Based on the Nishishiba campus.
B / Based on Al-Razi Complex.
C/ Based on the Hantoub compel.
D/Building the University’s compounds outside Medani. The benefits of participating in the university exhibition in local and international exhibitions are as follows:
1/university definition
2 / To be able to know and able to compete and attract beneficiaries and benefit from direct contacts in the knowledge of common wishes and strengthen and confirm continuity in constant and continuous communication. The University participated in the exhibition in several exhibitions, including Khartoum International Fair where the exhibition was a great success in the definition of the university through the many scientists who produced a lot of books, books and publications in various disciplines, and students have invented many inventions and the definition of the role of the university in the service of the community of Through its colleges and institutes.

Protocol Unit:

It is a newly established unit that provides seminars and hospitality in the administration and within the university, a bright face that reflects the university through the services it provides.
Functions and Responsibilities of the Unit:

1/ Receiving delegations and supervising their visits programs and preparing and submitting the donations.
2/ Supervise the place of residence and provide visitors with comfort
Placing senior leaders on official occasions.
3/ Making entry and exit visas for all university employees.
4/ Establishing service weeks and recreational trips for university employees.
5/ Preparation of programs, competitions and celebrations related to the participation of the University in special and national events.
6/To do all that concerns the members of the teaching staff, especially those who are assigned outside the university and the dates of their existence – their places of residence – booking the way of departure for them.
7/ Accompany the visitors and introduce them to the university’s complexes, colleges and institutes.
8/ Supervising the reception and farewell ceremonies of visiting delegations to the University.
9/ Providing assistance to senior management and university leaders and providing their needs.
10/ Issuing the identity papers of the university employees (passport – personal card).
12/ Any other functions related to the Protocol.
Activities of the Department of External Media and Electronic Publishing: –

1/Providing the university site and the colleges sites with the necessary information materials.
2/ Updating the university website daily in coordination with IT department.
3/ Publication of the university’s advertisements abroad by the means that achieve this purpose.
4/Without exclusion of the spirit of initiative and innovation, he proposed any programs and activities that supported electronic publishing
The technical section:

Which means the filming and documentation of all the activities of the university and the work of documentary films and photo gallery on the activities of the University and the organization of videos with explanatory puzzles, as well as computer CDs and archiving as electronic archive paper.
(4) Administrative Supervision Unit:

Tasks of the Administrative Supervisor of the Department of Media and Public Relations:

1/Supervising the implementation of the various services required by the Department to carry out the maintenance, hospitality, electricity and water services and furnishing the furniture in order to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the performance of the work and meals entrusted to the members of the department.
2/Follow up the preparation and implementation of budgets and carry out the financial and accounting work related to the implementation of the budget and provide the administrative center with the necessary information on the financial, administrative or service aspects in all these aspects and create a close link to achieve cooperation and integration in performance.
3/ To carry out secretarial work for the administration from the records, archives, printing and all administrative works and to develop a system for the maintenance of correspondence, information and data.
4/ Maintain the security of correspondence, documents and equipment.
5/ The responsibility of the administrative supervisor of workers and employees and the provision of their needs and benefits.
6/ Any other tasks determined by the Director of Administration.
7/ The administrator is responsible directly to the director of the department
5) Duties of the administrative supervisor: –

*Supervising the preparation of confidential reports for all employees except those in the professional administrative sector.
*General staff monitoring.
* Monitor and coordinate vehicle movements and economy through proper use.
* Preparing monthly and annual reports related to the management aspect of the administration.
*Supervising secret correspondence and keeping various files.
* To distribute the incoming mail to the different departments, giving special attention to monitoring their submission to the contacts, especially the new correspondence documents according to their subjects.
* Attendance monitoring, attendance and exit control for employees, employees and supervising the performance of their work in the required way.
*Note Save addresses efficiently.
*Taking into consideration the presentation of correspondence in a proper manner in the files allocated to it and noting the submission of the various references therein.
*Preparing notes and drafts on various subjects and signing the number of correspondence issued.
* Supervising the work of the drivers of the vehicles in the unit and monitoring the movements and maintenance of the fleet of vehicles management and fuel exchange (gasoline and succession).
* Cleanliness and maintenance of buildings and observation of the provision of written tools.
* Any functions assigned by the Director of Administration.
6) Secretarial functions:
*Print all transactions between the administration and other departments.
*Organize and computerize the files of the director office.
*Print the meetings of the management and processing.
|*Comprehensive coordination with the administrative supervisor in the conduct of work in the administration.
*Follow up correspondence in coordination with the administrative supervisor.
*Archiving admin files (Box File).
*Any other functions related to the Secretariat.